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Virginia Products

Canned Goods Line

  • Virginia Corned Beef
  • Virginia Meatballs & Beans
  • Virginia Sausage & Beans
  • Virginia Spaghetti Meat Sauce
  • Virginia Spaghetti Meat Sauce with Sausage
  • Virginia Vienna Sausage

Frozen Processed Meats

  • Virginia Beef Meatballs
  • Virginia Beef Tapa
  • Virginia Chicken Hotdog
  • Virginia Chorizo de Cebu
  • Virginia Cooked Ham
  • Virginia Honeycured Bacon
  • Virginia Hungarian Sausage
  • Virginia Ham Sausage
  • Virginia Pork Canton Sausage
  • Virginia Pork Mandarin Sausage
  • Virginia Pork Tapa
  • Virginia Pork Tocino
  • Virginia Premium Hotdog
  • Virginia Salami
  • Virginia Sweet Ham

See our other products.


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